Mia Simone



Hello, my name is Mia Simone Chewe and I am a 13-year-old girl at heart. I have always aspired to be a model/actress/dancer since I was a toddler and this is my chance to finally fulfill my dream. After completing my training  I believe I have the experience to start a career.  I have always wanted to inspire little kids and be a role model for them  so they will be encouraged to work towards their dreams. It would be a nice experience to be on TV, movies, commercials, etc. I would have the support of friends and family as I pursue my dreams. Stay tune as I continue to share my stories of success and I welcome your words of wisdom and encouragement.
Thank you.

13 responses to “Home

  1. Lena Chewe says:

    It would be my pleasure to sponsor you Mia, love you much!!!
    Gran Gran

  2. Tonya & Richmond Smith says:

    Congrats cousin. We will support you. We’ll get it to Momma Lena. Love you much!!!!

  3. Karen Batiste says:

    Pursue your dreams Mia
    Karen Wallace
    Logan & Londyn

  4. E d Talley says:

    I would be honored to sponsor you Mia!

  5. Angel Lawrence says:

    Congrats Mia! You will knock them dead. Keep up the excellent beauty tips because your skin is flawless.

    Angela Lawrence
    Old Miss Alumni

  6. Alex Lowe says:

    Good luck in your pursuit of your dreams.

    Alex and Ingrid

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